Paint! Paint your models any way you wish. Go with a traditional look or something different than usual! Paints are a great way to change the look on your models and improve the look of the scene using those models. Vallejo paints are a great paint to use for Dungeons & Dragons models. Saga employees painted Dire Troll models using Vallejo paints for practice and introduction to get introduced into painting. From 'Dead White' to various washes such as 'Heavy Blue' Wash, Saga carries multiple paint options so you can choose what you want to achieve the look you want. We at Saga enjoy painting our models and we hope to help you get started!

Warpaints Air: Complete Set TAPAW8003

The Army Painter


The Army Painter Warpaints Air Complete Set - Non-Toxic Water Based Airbrush paint set – paint and primer for Tabletop Roleplaying, Boardgames, and Wargames Miniature Model Painting - The Warpaints Air Complete Paint Set includes all 126 colors from The...

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