Store Policies

Store Policies

1. Food and Drink

  • Outside food and drink is not prohibited but is strongly discouraged as food and drink can damage, ruin, or otherwise harm other people’s and the store’s property.
  • Food is not allowed on any wooden table surface without a plate, napkin, or other container.
  • Drinks must have a re-sealable lid to be allowed on the table tops
    • No one wants their cards ruined by a spilled drink.

2. Foul or Abusive Language 

  • This will not be tolerated at any event, self hosted or hosted by the store. You may be expelled from any event without prizes at the sole discretion of staff for any derogatory, abusive, or foul language.
    • You do not want to contribute to our Nurgle (swear) jar!

3. Bullying

  • Bullying, including hazing, discriminatory or derogatory language, comments or activities will not be tolerated at any level.
    • Friendly banter can go too far, if someone asks you to stop, you stop.

4. Theft

  • Theft of any property is not tolerated and will result in a banning and a report to local law enforcement and to the sanctioning body for all events.

5. Improper Attire

  • Wearing obscene, demeaning, or overly revealing attire is not allowed. You may be asked to leave if you are wearing anything that we believe to be inappropriate. This is at the sole discretion of Staff.

6. Poor Personal Hygiene

  • If you have not taken a shower, washed your clothes in a while, cut your nails, or emit any other disturbing odors, Staff may ask you to leave and do so.
    • There are drug stores within walking distance of the shop.

7. Drugs or Alcohol

  • In or out of your person, anyone caught with legal or illegal drugs at an event including parking lots may receive a life-time ban on the first offense without warning.
    • Vapes - We understand that some customers may carry vapes.
      • Please vape outside and more than five feet from the doors to prevent any smoke/vapor from going inside the shop.
  • There may be some events that are marked as 21+ in which case, the store will be verifying IDs to check to see if customers are of legal drinking age.
    • Of age customers will be given a wrist band verifying their age.
    • Anyone caught using a fake ID, trying to steal a wristband, or consuming alcohol while underage will be asked to leave and may result in a life-time ban on the first offense without warning. There are no exceptions to this rule, even for private events. 

8. No Weapons

  • Prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons by all persons other than On-Duty Local Law Enforcement Officers.
  • For Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officers who must carry a weapon, there is a Police Precinct where you can check in your items safely at the address below. It is, fortunately, right on our street!
    • 75 S Van Brunt Street 
    • Englewood, NJ 07631
  • Otherwise, leave all weapons at home, do not bring them in your cars, bags, or on your persons.

9. Horseplay

  • Horseplay of any kind (hitting, mock fighting, kicking, etc.) is not tolerated. You may be asked to leave for Horseplay at the discretion of Staff. 

10. For trading card games 

  • Players are allowed to trade their cards in-store to other players, only if the trade is card for card 
  • Players are forbidden from conducting cash transactions in-store. 
    • This means if you have a $5 card for sale, you will need to conduct the cash transaction outside.
    • This includes pushing such a cash sale for that card on our property or in our Discord channels. 
      • Our store does not exist for others to conduct a rent-free and unlicensed business on our property. 
    • Violating this policy will lead to a warning or possible ban from the property, as well as from any future Saga concepts locations (up to Managerial Discretion). 
      • In addition, violators of this policy may have their account reported to Konami/Pokemon/WoTC/Bushiroad/Bandai, which may lead to a potential suspension from sanctioned Events. This includes but not limited to local tournaments, Regional Qualifiers, Sneak Peeks, World Championship Qualifiers, etc.

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