YGO 2022 Holiday Box

The latest holiday box to hit Saga Concepts! Magnificent Mavens is KONAMI’s holiday box for 2022 and it will include cards from previous sets and will include new cards for different archetypes such as Sky Strikers, Mayakashis, Witchcrafters, and Ishizu Ishtar’s Deck straight from the anime series like Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon! Magnificent Mavens will be an all-foil set with 103 Ultra Rare cards which 6 of these cards can be found in the new hieroglyphic Pharaoh’s rare card and 12 cards that will exclusively be in Pharaoh’s rare cards (which adds up to 18 pharaoh’s rare cards). Each Magnificent Maven box will include: 1 pack of 70 card sleeves (1 of 6 new sleeve designs for Sky Strikers, Mayakashis, or Witchcrafters) and 4 booster packs with 5 Ultra Rare cards per pack!