In the Pokémon Trading Card Game you can collect and battle your favorite Pokémon. There are many Pokémon trading card products to choose from to get you started. The most basic product you will find is booster packs. One booster pack has 10 cards each featuring Pokémon, trainer, energy cards, and 1 redeemable code to use on the online Pokémon Trading Card Game. Each of these cards can be used in a 60 card battle deck or be stored and collected. Pokémon can come as common, uncommon, and rare cards, so make sure to look out for rare cards! You may even find ultra or secret rare cards. One of these types of ultra rare cards you may find are called Pokémon V. They can be identified by the aspect of the whole card being covered with the Pokémon’s image and the card having the letter V after the Pokémon’s name. These cards have powerful effects and attacks in battle and are definitely a great addition to every collection