Dmon Xros Encounter

The 10th set of the Digimon TCG is here at Saga! The cards and units will include characters from the Digimon Xros War series where the main storyline follows the adventures of Mikey Kudo, who utilizes the power to fuse any of his Digimon partners. Characters from the Digimon Xros Wars animated series will be making their introduction into the TCG such as Taiki Kudo, Kiriha Aonuma, Nene Amano!

A starter deck with Jesmon will also be featured! It includes a pre-constructed deck of 54 cards, 2 plastic memory gauges, 1 index card and 6 bonus Tamer cards! There will be 6 types of Common Cards, 5 types of Uncommon cards, 3 types of Rare cards, and 2 types of Super Rares included in the starter deck! 

Each booster box will include 1 Alternate Art card and a Special Entry box topper pack!


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