MetaZoo is a groundbreaking collectible card game with mechanics that can break the fourth wall! Your surroundings in real life dictate how powerful your cards are in-game, so be careful where you play. The world of MetaZoo is our world. About 1,000 years ago, magic was hidden away behind a Great Veil by mysterious characters. Magic and miracles thus disappeared from folklore and became the stuff of myths and legends.

The Great Veil has now been broken by mysterious circumstances. With the veil shattered, various Beasties, Spells, and Artifacts are now under your control in MetaZoo! This collectible card game plays very similarly to popular games like Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. Each player does a certain amount of actions during their turn, with each turn ending in players attacking opposing Beasties, Artifacts, or players.

There are many terms in MetaZoo that one must become familiar with in order to play. A Caster refers to a player, cards are called Pages, a Spellbook is a deck of Pages, a Chapter refers to your hand of Pages. When you Bookmark a Page, you are drawing a card. The Arena is the area in which Pages are played and used. Contracting is when you play a Page into the Arena. Aura is the resource which you use to pay the cost of Contracting Pages. To Fatigue a card means to turn it 90 degrees once it has completed a certain action. This can be compared to tapping in Magic the Gathering or committing in the My Hero Academia CCG.

A Page will contain many details about its various effects. An Aura Page is a card that can be played once per turn and Fatigued in order to pay the Aura cost of another card. Beasties are Pages that can be Contracted to do your bidding, such as activating their effects, attacking, or defending. A Spell is an immediate effect that must be Contracted for its Aura cost. Potions are similar to Spells, however they cost 0 Aura to Contract. Artifacts are similar to Beasties in which they can be played into the Arena and their abilities can be activated. Terra cards can be used to define fourth wall features. Fourth wall features is where MetaZoo gets its charm. Certain effects of cards will activate depending on your surroundings. For example, a Beastie may gain more Life Points if you're playing in a forest, or may do more damage if there are clouds in the sky. There is no limit on what fourth wall effects can do. They can even depend on your appearance or your opponent’s. There is a specific type of fourth wall effect called Terra. The Terra is the location you are currently playing in. Whether it is in a forest, in a suburban area, a farm area, under a meteor shower, and many more surroundings. Terra cards can be played in order to simulate the fourth wall effect. These can be used so that you never have to worry about your deck being ineffective in a certain area. We at Saga Concepts would say welcome to the world of MetaZoo, but MetaZoo is our world!

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