Magic Commander Masters

Commander is a multiplayer format in Magic: The Gathering where each player chooses a legendary creature to serve as their commander, and builds a 100-card deck around it. The objective is to reduce all opponents' life totals to zero, and players start with 40 life. The format emphasizes social play, interesting interactions, and creativity. It has become very popular among Magic players and has even been officially supported with preconstructed decks and annual Commander-specific product releases.

"Masters" sets are special reprint sets that feature some of the most popular and powerful cards in Magic: The Gathering history. They are intended to provide players with access to cards that may have become rare or expensive over time, and to introduce new players to some of the game's most iconic cards. Masters sets have been released periodically since 2013, and typically contain a mix of cards from various sets and eras in the game's history.

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