One Piece

It’s time to sail the Grandline and search for Gol D Roger’s ultimate treasure, the One Piece! The One Piece TCG is a new card game available at Saga Concepts where the objective is to either get your opponent’s life to 0 or get your opponent to 0 cards in their deck! The structure of the game is to have a Leader card, Character cards, Stage cards, Event cards, and Don cards. A Leader card is the important card in your deck: it can attack and have different effects. A Don card is a method to pay costs to use effects from your leader or having your Character cards attack. Character cards are the main attackers in a battle and you can use character cards by using Don cards to pay for their requirements. An event card can have different effects and some can also be triggered during your opponent’s Battle Phase. Stage cards are used to support your Leader and Characters with various effects (Only one Stage card can be used per turn). Let’s see if you can take down your opponents and become the King of the Pirates!