Dragon Shield

Dragon Shield is one of the most popular brands of card sleeves and deck protectors. In order to keep your collection fresh, pristine, and in mint condition, you absolutely must have card sleeves. Dragon Shield card protection comes in many different shapes and colors, in order to match personal taste. There are colors like Slate, Ivory, Crimson, Olive, Clear and many basic colors, such as Black, White, Red, and Green. There are even special branded Dragon Shield sleeve designs, such as designs based off of Game of Thrones and The Batman. There are also Dragon Shields to match anyone’s card games. There are normal-sized, standard size, Dragon Shield card sleeves meant to be used for most popular card games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering. Japanese-sized sleeves are meant for Yu-Gi-Oh! sized cards. Each box of Dragon Shield sleeves can be used to contain your deck. Each box has its own unique design based on the color or design on the sleeves. When getting normal colored sleeves, they use the design of a dragon based on the color of your choice. Each dragon has its own interesting lore. With all this considered you can pick sleeves based on the design on the box, color of the sleeves, or lore behind each dragon! When using Dragon Shield, the choice is yours.